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Have you ever dreamed about making 10%-12% per year of passive income? Wagner Nolasco and his partners of professional syndicators have the answer for you. Invest in one of the safest assets available in the planet “real estate”. 
On a preferred return basis, you will collect your money before anyone else does. 

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Palm Bay, Florida

4 Bed/2 Bath - 2,300 SQFT - Includes a two car garage

After building, selling and managing a few hundred homes in homes in Palm Bay, we can tell you one thing for sure… we love this area. Today, we have more than 45 homes currently under construction, and more opportunity is now available.

Things to love about Palm Bay
  • High cash flow opportunity

  • High appreciation opportunity 

  • Tenant resilient

Unique to this Project
  • There is NO escalation clause

  • 1 year bumper-to-bumper warranty

  • 10 year structural warranty

Invest in Palm Bay Like We Do
  • You’ll own the LOT

  • We’ll partner on the build

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